How to Fix Olpair Kodi Error in Just 2 minutes {3 working methods}

If you are one among the frequent users of Kodi then, you might have come across stream authorization errors. If you can’t recognize the name, don’t worry. It got lots of names like “openload kodi error”, “olpair kodi error“. It’s an annoying popup which shows when you are eager to watch your favorite movie. I broke… Read More »

Clear cache on Kodi easily with these 3 simple maintenance tools

If you have used Kodi for a long time, you should probably have received multiple error messages. If you have researched about these errors over the internet then most of them would have asked to clear cache on Kodi to fix those errors. Before blindly clearing the cache, we must first understand what is cache and… Read More »

How to fix Kodi Buffering with 3 easy methods and stream seamlessly

Buffering is the most annoying thing while watching our favorite movies or TV shows. You may come across buffering while watching the videos on youtube and other platforms. Just like youtube, buffering also occurs while streaming on Kodi. But Kodi buffering is not a big issue as you think. Kodi buffering can be fixed using some… Read More »

Fix Failed to install a dependency Kodi Error with 3 easy methods

The term dependency refers to the support files for the proper working of addons. Most of the Kodi users, install addons from the repository. A repository is like a container which has support files for the proper working of addons. If any of these files are not located, then you may receive failed to install dependence… Read More »