Could not connect to repository Kodi error fix guide with 5 simple steps

By | April 4, 2018

This is one of the most reported error from the Kodi users. It’s really annoying when you plan to watch your favourite show, suddenly Kodi pops up “Could not connect to repository” error. It will spoil your mood completely. But don’t worry. We understand your pain and we are here to help you fix the issue with 5 simple steps. Before explaining error fixes, we can see a little about this error. This error is mainly caused due to the improper link between your Kodi and repository servers. To get rid of this error, you must follow the step by step diagnostic process given below.

How to fix Could not connect to repository Kodi error?

1. Check your internet connection

This might sound silly, but you have to make sure it’s working fine. Check your router for internet connectivity. And ensure that your device that runs Kodi has an active internet connection.

2. Check weather repo is down

Since you had checked your Kodi, there may be a possibility of issue due to the repo. So just enter the repo URL in the browser. If the index of the repo appears, then it’s working fine. If you are receiving a “404 error” or “Page not found error”, then there is a problem with the repo. As an end user, you can resolve repo issue. So just wait for some time. The repo may be temporarily down or under maintenance. Moreover, there are many alternate repositories for every addon. You may download the addons from other alternate repositories.

3. Check the source

If your Kodi has an active internet connection and repo is working fine and still you are facing “Could not connect to repository” error then there might be a problem in the source. Your Kodi can’t connect to the repository if you enter an invalid URL. Just check the source, to make sure that you had entered correct repository URL. If not change it and try again.

4. Update your Kodi

If you are still facing Could not connect to repository error, then it means that your Kodi can’t establish a proper link to repository servers. Sometimes, you might find that downloading action is not progressing beyond 0%. This state indicates, the connection is timed out soon. This is due to huge traffic in servers. So you have to wait some time and then try again. Also, try updating you Kodi. If you are using an outdated version of Kodi, it can’t read the information files in the repository. So try updating your Kodi and try again.

5. Network settings

If you are still reading this article, I assume that the problem has not been resolved yet. This clearly indicates, there is a problem with your Kodi. Change your network settings to resolve the issue. Go to settings (gear icon) and select system settings > Internet access. Make sure “Internet connection bandwidth limitation” option is turned OFF.

In some cases, your IP address may be blacklisted, due to frequent usage. During this, you can use proxy servers. Just turn ON “Use Proxy server option”. And enter any Proxy server. And restart your Kodi to apply these settings.

This will resolve could not connect to repository Kodi error. I hope, the steps are clear. If you want any clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any other issue, please do mention in comments. We will try our best to get your Kodi errors fixed!

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