Fix Kodi Playback Failed Check log Error with easy steps

By | April 4, 2018

While using Kodi you may come across various errors with a pop-up message. One such error is “Kodi playback failed”. Most commonly you will get Kodi playback failed error as shown below.

kodi playback failed error fix

The Kodi error message will be as follows…

Playback failed: One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.

One thing you need to understand is that Kodi playback failed is just a message. So as stated in the message, the main cause of the Playback failed error can be found in the Kodi Log files.

In this article, we had given a detailed step by step procedure on how to diagnose and fix such errors.

How to fix Kodi Playback failed error?

Playback is the process of playing or streaming the content. So the possible reason for playback failed error can be due to the following reasons.

  • Kodi can’t access the content (or) The content is restricted
  • Kodi can’t play the content due to cache issues

1. Unlock access to Geo-restricted Content

Geo-restricted content means the video content will be restricted to a particular country or a Geolocation. Say for example if you want to stream the UK Live TV Channels from the US, then it would probably throw a Playback failed error. Because the one who hosts those files will limit the access to the particular countries. So if you try to stream it from a US IP address, then it will get blocked.

But wait! There is always a Plan B. Yes, in this modern world, there is always a solution for any type of problem. Here, I refer VPN as the solution. VPN also called Virtual Private Network will help you to mask your IP address and access the Geo-restricted content. With a VPN service like IPVanish, you can change the IP address to different countries as per your wish and stream their content without any hassle. IPVanish supports over 60+ countries. So if you want to stream the UK channels, then connect to the UK server. As simple as that ūüėČ

2. Clearing the Cache Memory

Even if the Kodi gets access to the content, it won’t be able to stream for any of the following reasons…

  • Unsupported file format
  • Poor response from the server where the files are hosted
  • Change of the m3u links
  • Improper python scripts in the addon

On the other case, let us assume that the Kodi managed to fetch the content but not able to play it. In that case, your Kodi must have fetched something that’s¬†not playable. These contents are stored in the Kodi cache memory. So you have to clear cache on Kodi. Apart from that, we should also consider clearing the cache files dumped in the device that runs Kodi.

Say for example, if you are using Kodi on your PC, we recommend you to clean your system cache. Additionally, you can clear database garbage files. These files can be found under %APPDATA. Clear Addons27 file. Make a copy of this somewhere else. Do revert back if the changes are unfavourable. You can also rename it, instead of deleting it. This will be your addon database file. Now restart your Kodi, a new addon database file will be created. Most of the case this will fix the Kodi Playback failed error.

3. Check the log file

This is the suggestion given in the popup error message. “Check the log for more information” is the common message Kodi¬†throws for most of the issues. In order to understand the Kodi error log, a detailed explanation is needed. So we have made another article¬†explaining how to find the log files and fix them. Do consider checking it out!

These are the available ways to fix Kodi playback failed error. Since its a minor error, I am keeping this article short. If you face any issue during execution, do let us know. We would be glad to help you.

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