Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error using 3 easy methods

By | July 1, 2020

If you are using Kodi for a long time, then possibly you would have come found many error messages popping up. One common error that most of us face frequently is “Check the log for more information“. Mostly this error occurs during the Kodi addon installation. Today we will see how to fix this error. This error is also called Kodi log error or Kodi error log. So if you have come across the Check the log for more information Kodi error, then this article is for you. We have given the step by step method to fix the issues. First, let’s understand the cause of it.

Why do I get Check the log for more information Kodi error?

There are many reasons for Kodi to through such error messages. Let us discuss some of the major causes for this error. This error is mainly caused due to improper installation of add-ons or a missing file. Normally, when we are installing a Kodi add-on, the setup file is downloaded from the source URL and then the installation occurs from that URL. The addon installation includes lots of script files. Most of the add-ons run based on python scripts. The addon setup file includes many scripts. Take for an instance, if a cache memory has a file with the same name, this file may be overwritten or ignored. If the file is ignored during installation it will throw you an error.

What is Kodi Error Log?

In general, a log is a record of events that keeps track of all the information. Similarly, Kodi also tracks all the errors and warnings happening at the software level. So all these error messages are being tracked in the Kodi Log File. This is the reason why Kodi throws the message “Check the log for more information”. Once we check error message in the log, we can figure out the actual reason for the error.

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Now the next question on your mind will be… How do I check the Kodi log and where it’s located?

How to check the Kodi log?

The official Kodi team itself have built an add-on to check the Kodi log files. It’s called as Log Viewer for Kodi. Hence, make use of the addon to fix your error on Kodi.

What is Kodi Log Viewer?

The Log Viewer for Kodi is an addon which allows the Kodi users to check which location, file or dependency is causing the problem. With the help of the Log Viewer, you can fix the problem by following any of the three methods in this blog. Before that, let’s follow the steps given below to install the Log Viewer addon.

How to install Log Viewer for Kodi and check the log?

  1. Open Kodi and select Add-ons from the left column.
  2. Then choose Install from repository -> Kodi Add-on repository -> Program add-ons -> Log Viewer for Kodi.
  3. Now install the addon and run it.
  4. Now the Log Viewer for Kodi will have the following four options as seen in the image below.check the log for more information kodi error
  5. First, select Settings and check the option Invert Log (most recent first) option. Doing this will list out all the error logs from the latest to the past.kodi check log
  6. As a secondary option, you can also check the option “Show log when an error occurs”. Turning on this option will send error details via notifications. If you find it annoying, you may turn it off.
  7. Now close the settings and then select “Show Log” option.
    show log kodi
  8. Now you will find different error messages with the time.

That’s about checking Kodi error log. Let’s now see the methods to fix Check the log for more information Kodi error.

How to fix Check the log for more information Kodi error?

As said before the error is mainly due to the presence of old cached files. So you need to clear those files. For that, we will be using ares wizard maintenance tool. Let us see how to clear the kodi cache with Ares wizard.

1. Clearing cache with Ares Wizard Maintenance tool

A cache is a temporary storage space which saves frequently used data for future use. That is, it stores the files like addons and media in order to fetch it faster whenever a user required. Hence, your device doesn’t require to request the same resource from the server.

To clear your caches, Kodi doesn’t have any inbuilt maintenance. Hence, we highly recommend downloading Ares Wizard maintenance. To install Ares wizard maintenance tool, follow the below steps given below…

  1. Select Settings > File manager > Add source > None.
  2. Enter the source URL as “”, and give some name to the source and then click OK.
  3.  Go to home screen > Addons > Package installer icon > install from zip file.
  4. Select the source name and browse for
  5. Now the Ares wizard will be downloaded and installed directly.
  6. Now open the addon from the Program add-ons section.
  7. Once opened you will find the screen as seen below. Here you need to select maintenance to clear the cache files.
  8. Under the maintenance tab, select Delete cache, followed by delete packages and delete thumbnails. This will delete all the temporary files. Restart your Kodi. Most probably your issue will be resolved.

If the previous method doesn’t work follow the next method.

2. Updating the URL resolver

URL Resolver is one of the core files which is needed for streaming the content on Kodi. Almost all the Kodi addons work based on URL Resolver. It is one of the best inventions of Kodi which fetches the streaming URL and resolve it accordingly.

Without it, you may get many broken links and the issue may exist. So if you are getting Check the log for more information Kodi error, then it may be an issue with URL. So we need to fix it. It can be done by updating the URL resolver. In case, if you don’t have it already, install it on your device. Below are the steps to update URL Resolver. Follow the steps and solve the log error.

  1. Open Kodi -> Settings -> System.
  2. In system settings left column select Add-ons.
  3. Now select Manage dependencies as shown in the image.
    check the log for more information kodi error url resolver
  4. Now scroll down through the list and browse for URL Resolver and click it.
  5. Next, we need to update the URL Resolver.
    update url resolver
  6. TVAddons has the latest version of URL Resolver. So we can update it there.

Once done, restart Kodi and see if Check the log for information kodi error is fixed. If not, continue reading…

3. Checking the Kodi log and diagnosing it

As said in the first half of the article, the Kodi log can be checked with Log Viewer for Kodi addon. If you check the latest error, some message will be displayed. Here the errors may be different for every user.

There are also some common errors like 404 not found. If you get 404 error then it’s due to the shut down of the addon.

If you are getting XBMC could not play or playback failed, then it means the software couldn’t stream the file.

If you find some file is missing, then it can’t be fixed by a layman. We need to have some developing to fix such errors. So if you are facing such errors in Kodi log, just make a note of it and let us know via comments. We will provide unique solutions for your errors. Or you can directly search that error in forums. You may find the possible solution.

Bottom lines

These are the possible ways to fix check the log for more information error. Save the error either to your notepad or take a picture of it and compare once you run through the error fixes. In case, if the error exists, then check if it is the same error. Whatever the error may be, don’t hesitate to comment. We will be glad to help you with the error fix. Have a great day!

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