Clear cache on Kodi easily with these 3 simple maintenance tools

By | July 3, 2020

If you have used Kodi for a long time, you should probably have received multiple error messages. If you have researched about these errors over the internet then most of them would have asked to clear cache on Kodi to fix those errors. Before blindly clearing the cache, we must first understand what is cache and how it could help to fix the Kodi errors. This article has two parts. The First part briefly covers what is a cache and how it functions. And the second section includes how to clear cache on Kodi. You can skip the section if you want.  Each section is individually crafted for better understanding.

What is a cache?

Cache refers to the residue of files, as the result of previous actions. These actions include browsing, streaming, playing a media files, etc. Every action leaves a trace and these residue files are collectively stored in a placed called cache memory. To be much precise, every component has their own cache memory. For Example, a processor has L1, L2 cache. These locations stores the cache from processing unit. And RAM has its own cache. Whenever you are running an application, they are using your RAM. Browsing is one of the best examples of it.

Though the software is installed on a hard drive, during the time of execution the required file is transferred to RAM. While accessing files from your hard disk, and it leaves residues. These temporary files are cached in RAM. And while browsing your favorite stuff through a browser, it will produce some cache, and it will be stored in web cache on your hard disk. User Data folder in your OS drive is one example of the web cache.

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How is cache formed?

The process of forming cache is called caching. The main purpose of caching is to make things faster. Search history is one of the best examples. Consider, I had visited a dozen times before. And the next time, I press “K”, it will show the site in an instant. This is where the cache comes into play. If you are a keen observer, you can find the time delay between the loading of most visited sites and new sites. This is due to the fact, that site has been cached in your browser. These caches are worth millions! Yes, they are the main source of the target marketing. Where you searched for Pendrives” in the morning, and by next session you will get all ads about pen drives.

Type of Cache files on Kodi

Usually, you can find four different types of cache file on your Kodi device.

  1. Temp Files

Temp File is nothing but a cache of all your old folders like zip files and previous version addons that have been upgraded. Storing such kind of files a lot is really trash as they no longer being used.

  1. Video

Whenever you play a new video, your device caches the file. In future, if you wish to play them, you don’t require to stream them from the server. You can get it directly from the cache memory. Also, if you start a new video, the data will be streamed in the background.

  1. Application or Addon

Whenever you use an application or addon, Kodi caches whatever you do. Also, the same goes for Android applications too. 

  1. Image

Every time when you search for the title, web scraper fetches the image related to the titles and cache it as a memory. 

Why do I require to clear the cache frequently?

The data that is used by the cache files crash. Depending on the size of the device, cache memory matters. But, in Kodi, if it is used over time, then it may run slower. Hence, clearing the cache will lead to quick access.

Uses of caching

  • Increased processing speed.
  • Prevents deterioration of RAM and other hardware components in the long run.

How to clear cache on Kodi

Clearing cache memory on a regular time base is pretty important. Because it will optimize the performance. And caching is the reason behind some of the streaming errors in Kodi. One such issue caused due to caching is the Kodi buffering. In order to clear cache, you need the help of the maintenance add-ons. There are multiple maintenance tools that can be used to clear cache on Kodi. But in this post, we are going to discuss only three major tools. They are…

  • Looking Glass Wizard
  • Indigo
  • Ares Wizard

1. Clear cache on Kodi using Looking Glass Wizard

If we need to clear cache on Kodi using Looking Glass Wizard we first have to install it. Follow the upcoming steps to install looking glass wizard.

  1. Select settings -> File manager -> Add source -> None.
  2. Enter the URL as ““ and enter some name for reference.
  3. Go to home screen and select add-ons -> Package installer icon -> Install from ZIP file.
  4. Select the looking glass source -> repository zip file.
  5. Select install from repository -> Looking glass repo -> Program addons -> looking glass wizard -> Install.
  6. Open looking glass wizard from Addons -> Program Add-ons -> Maintenance -> Cleaning Tools -> clear cache.
    looking glass wizard clear cache kodi

If looking glass wizard doesn’t work out for you, try out the Indigo addon as an alternative.

2. Clear cache on Kodi using Indigo addon

Indigo is one of the well-known add-on from the TVAddons team. Indigo has got many interesting tools like Github Browser. It acts as an add-on installer. It also consists of the options to clear cache on Kodi. So follow the steps given to install and clear Kodi cache.

  1. Open Kodi and select settings > File manager > Add source.
  2. Click on NONE, and enter the Source URL as ““.
  3. Give any name to the source and click OK.
  4. Select Add-ons from the home screen.
  5. Select package installer icon at the top left corner and Select install from zip file.
  6. Select the TV ADDONS source -> Kodi Repo -> XBMCHUB repository file.
  7. Select install from repository -> TV ADDONS REPO -> video addons -> Indigo -> Install.
  8. Open Indigo Kodi addon, and select Maintenance tool -> Clear Cache.
    indigo maintenance tools clear cache
  9. Also Clear Thumbnail, packages, logs, textures.

That’s about clearing cache on Kodi with Indigo addon. Let’s check the last method now.

3. Clear cache on Kodi using Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard is one of the best Kodi Wizard since long. Most of them thought Ares Wizard is taken down. But it’s actually not. It can be downloaded and installed from alternate repositories. Though the other add-ons from Ares team are down, Ares Maintenance tools are still working like charm.

  1. Open Kodi on your device and select Settings -> File manager -> Add source -> None.
  2. Enter the source URL as “”, and give some name to the source and then click OK.
  3.  Go to home screen -> Addons -> Package installer icon -> Install from zip file.
  4. Select the source name and select
  5. Now the Ares wizard will be downloaded and installed directly.
  6. Now open the addon from the Program add-ons section.
  7. Once opened you will find the screen as seen below. Here you need to select maintenance to clear the cache files.
    clear cache on kodi
  8. Under the maintenance tab, select Delete cache, followed by delete packages and delete thumbnails. This will delete all the temporary files. Restart your Kodi. Most probably your issue will be resolved.

Clearing Kodi cache on Windows PC

If you are using Kodi on windows, there is an additional step you must follow. Since in PC the RAM is shared by all other running software, you have clear cache by using the following command.

Win+R -> Type “temp” -> open ->Delete all the files in the folder.

Win+R -> Type “%temp%” -> open ->Delete all the files in the folder.

Clearing Kodi cache on Firestick and Android Phones/ TV Boxes

If you are using Kodi on Firestick or Android based devices, then open the Settings -> Apps -> Kodi. Now select storage and clear cache to empty the cache memory.

These are the available method to clear cache. As an end user, we can access only some cache. In this tutorial, we have explained the steps to clear cache on Kodi with three different maintenance tools. This will fix your issue. If you are still facing Kodi buffering or any other issue, do let us know. We will try our best to solve your issue. All feedbacks are welcome.

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