Fix Failed to install a dependency Kodi Error with 3 easy methods

By | April 4, 2018

The term dependency refers to the support files for the proper working of addons. Most of the Kodi users, install addons from the repository. A repository is like a container which has support files for the proper working of addons. If any of these files are not located, then you may receive failed to install dependence error. This article contains two sections “What is the cause of Failed to install a dependency error” and “How to fix Failed to install a dependency error”.

What is the cause of Failed to install a dependency error

Though the cause of the error is missing support file, the level at which the issue persist may be different. For example, consider Kodi as your sandwich’s base. And repository as a cheese and add-ons as vegetables. If any of these is not good, the taste will be awful. In the similar fashion, a file may be missed in any of these sections. But overall it will throw the error as “Failed to install a dependency”. So we have to diagnose, at which stage the error is located and fix it accordingly.

How to fix Failed to install a dependency Kodi error

Stage 1: Kodi

You must keep your Kodi as updated as possible. Currently, most people are using Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18 beta version is also released. So update your Kodi as soon as possible. While developing add-ons, most of the developers target the future performance of the addons. So a new addon may contain files, that can’t be read by the old version of Kodi. So the only solution for this issue is to update your Kodi. The latest version of Kodi will have the maximum number of support file, and the probability of causing the error is low. You can find the latest version of Kodi here.

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If you are already using advanced version but still facing the error, then you must update your dependency files. Even though your Kodi is updated, there might be a possibility of outdated dependency files.

How to update dependency files?

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select System settings
  3. change the settings to the expert mode. Select Add-ons > Manage dependencies
  4. Select the file you want to update.
  5. Select update and make sure Auto update feature is enabled.

If you using a new version of Kodi, most of the files are already updated. In case of an old version, you have to manually update it. This is a freshly installed Kodi. The number of dependency files is low,

This is a Kodi, which I am using regularly. Here the number of dependency files is high. You can also see that each repository is having their own files.

It is an annoying thing to update all the dependency files manually.  Here we will update the most used dependency file. This will probably solve the issue. There are two most used dependency files URL Resolver and NaN Scrapers. To update these files, select their names and click on update. And enable auto update. Most Probably this will fix failed to install a dependency error.

Stage 2: Repository

If the issue still persists, then the problem is due to the repository or add-ons. If you are facing this error while installing exodus, covenant or any other addon just update their corresponding repository. Some of the repo may be outdated or even shut down. In that case, we must install the addon using the alternate repository. Follow the steps to update the repository.

  • Select add-ons in the left pane.
  • Select the box like icon at the top left corner.
  • Select install from repository.
  • Right-click on the repository name and select information.
  • Select update and enable auto update.

Thus the repository is updated. By doing this, all the missing files or new files will be added to the repository. These files may help you to solve the issue. To check the status of the repository, enter the repository URL in the browser. If the repository is down, you have to uninstall the addon. And try again with an alternate repository. If that didn’t fix failed to install a dependency error, then check out our alternative method as follows.

Stage 3: Add-ons

If you are still facing the issue, it means there is a problem with your addons. You must use the wizard to solve this issue. While using the wizard, all the required files will be installed before installing the addons. Depending on the addon, the usage of wizards may vary. So here, we will install the maintenance tool by the wizard. By doing so, the dependency files related to the add-ons will be installed. And these files may be used by the other add-ons to solve the issue. Now proceed with indigo Kodi addon installation.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select file manager.
  3. Select add source.
  4. Select None and enter “”.
  5. Give any name to the source.
  6. Select add-ons menu on the home screen.
  7. Select open box like icon at the top left corner.
  8. Select install from zip file.
  9. Select the source file by name.
  10. Select Kodi repo > xbmc hub repository file
  11. Now select install from repository > TVADDONS.CO Repo
  12. Select video add-ons
  13. Select indigo > install.

Indigo Kodi addon helps us in two ways. First, it is installed from the wizard. So it will install most of the required files for the proper working of addons. So this will eradicate dependency error. Second, it’s a maintenance addon. It simplifies the work of the user. It will complete everything in a single click. It has plenty of features. Addon installer and force update are one of those, which will help you to solve the issue.

Open Indigo kodi addon > Maintenance tool > Force update addons

This will probably solve the issue. Because we had updated Kodi, repository, and add-ons so far. Addon installer feature in this addon will help you to install your favorite addon through the wizard. You can search add-ons by name, author, category (Program, video, music addons). Search for your favorite and install them. If your favorite addon is not there in the list, you can use GitHub browser feature to search for your favorite addon by using GitHub username of the developer. This will only work if you know the GitHub username of the developer. Indigo Kodi addon also has other useful tools like

If you are still facing the dependency error, don’t worry, I have two new updates for you. Don’t lose hope!

Due to cached files, some updates may be overwritten to the existing files. So just clear cache using indigo kodi addon. Make sure to clear thumbnail, packages, crash logs, textures. Now Restart you kodi and force update the addons from indigo.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, we have to manually install the script file. These files are the backbone of Kodi. These are responsible for scraping the content from the internet. This will update the two most important dependency files.

Go to Addons > Package installer icon > install from zip file >select fusion repo source > Kodi scripts > select URL RESOLVER and META HANDLER.

These steps will helps you to fix failed to install dependency Kodi error. The steps are mentioned in a step by step manner. Just try to follow from the top. And I hope the steps are clear. So far you had manually updated your entire Kodi. If you face any issue, kindly do let me know. I will try my best to solve the issue. Any suggestions, feedback are welcome. Stay tuned to know more about other Kodi error and its fixes.

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