How to fix script failed Kodi error with 3 simple methods {working}

By | April 12, 2018

Kodi is the best media streaming software for watching movies and TV shows. If you are using Kodi on your PC or laptop, you will face lots of annoying errors. And one such error is “Script Failed”. So if you had come across Script Failed Kodi error then this post is for you.

How to fix Script Failed Kodi error?

Generally, these errors are caused if the Kodi version and addon version is not compatible with each other. Building up of an additional cache may also cause such issues. To fix Script failed Kodi error, three methods should be followed, likely…

  1. Upgrading/Downgrading Kodi
  2. Force updating the addon
  3. Clear cache on Kodi

These are the following methods, you must follow to make your Kodi error-free. You have to stick up to the methods. Depending upon the error type, the script failed Kodi error may be solved at any of the given steps.

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1. Upgrading/downgrading the Kodi

Since Kodi is the media streaming software, there are minimum requirements to ensure proper streaming. One such thing is Kodi software version. If the Kodi version is low compared to the addon, then Kodi can’t read the advanced script, and this may lead to the script failed Kodi error. If your Kodi version is high compared to the add-ons, your addons cant read the Kodi’s core script and its reply.

In both the case, it leads to an error. So you must maintain a bridge between Kodi and its add-ons. If your addon version is higher, update your Kodi to the latest version. You can download Kodi latest version from the official site. And if the addon is pretty old, try degrading your Kodi. You can find older versions under “Older Release header“. And select your OS. You will find the list of older versions. Select the previous version. (Don’t select too old version).

2. Force updating add-ons

In some case, you can’t change the base version of your Kodi. For instance, you can’t change the base version on fire stick. If this is the case, you have to keep your addons as updated as possible. There is a huge possibility of finding the missing script in other addons.  So you have to update all the add-ons. This will be an annoying task if you have lots of add-ons. You can use the maintenance tool, to update all the add-ons at once. We will be using Indigo Kodi addon to complete this task. Follow the below steps to install indigo Kodi addon and force update all the add-ons.

  1. Select settings > File manager > Add source.
  2. Click on NONE, and enter the Source URL as ““.
  3. Give any name to the source for easy identification and click OK.
  4. Select Add-ons menu from the home screen.
  5. Select package installer icon at the top left corner and Select install from zip file.
  6. Select the TV ADDONS source -> Kodi Repo -> XBMCHUB repository file.
  7. Select install from repository -> TV ADDONS REPO -> video addons -> Indigo -> Install.
  8. Open Indigo Kodi addon, and select Maintenance tool -> Force update addons.
  9. This will update all your addons. And this will fix the issue. You can also manually update the addons on the information page. And make sure to turn on auto-update. These two steps are enough to fix the issue.

3. Clear Kodi cache to fix Script Failed

In case if you are still facing the Script failed Kodi error, then try clearing cache files. We made a separate post to clear cache on Kodi. Do read it from the link below.

How to clear cache on Kodi?

If you still face the script failed Kodi error, try changing other alternative add-ons. If not do let us know in the comments. We will do our best to resolve the issue.

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