Kodi Black Screen Issues? Let’s fix it with simple steps

By | July 12, 2020

If you are using Kodi since long, then you would have come across many error messages. But getting a black screen on Kodi is a weird issue that we face. Kodi black screen error is quite similar to “Blue screen error” on your Windows PC.

Are you facing the Black Screen issue on Kodi? There are some basic reasons for this error. The first reason could be due to the issues at the Operating System Level. The second possible reason could be due to the issues with Kodi software. Or it might be due to the app cache, corrupted addon, high refresh rate or hardware acceleration. Let us discuss the best possible ways to fix the Kodi Black Screen Error in this article.

How to fix Kodi Black Screen Error?

Step 1: Fixing the Operating System level issues

Getting black screen on Kodi need not be an issue with Kodi software. There are also chances of getting such error because of the Operating System which runs Kodi. As Kodi is compatible with multiple platforms, we need to fix it accordingly. The general method we first need to do is clearing the device cache memory. To clear the cache memory on different platforms, follow the steps given below.

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Windows:  Enter Windows  + R and type “temp” and select OK. Now it will display a folder with the cache files. You can delete all those files to clear the cache memory. Then try to open Kodi application.

Firestick: Go to the firestick settings -> Apps -> Kodi. Here first select “Force Stop” and then chose “Clear Cache”. Now open Kodi and check if the issue is resolved. If not, try uninstalling the Kodi app and reinstall it again.

Android: As both android phone and TV Box runs on android, the procedure is same for both. Just head on to the settings -> Apps -> Kodi and then Force Stop the app. Now clear the app cache and then try opening the app.

iOS: A detailed guide to clear app cache in iOS devices is available here.

Linux: Go to this path( – ~/.kodi/userdata/) and clear the appdata files.

Mac: Browse and locate the following path – /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/ and then delete the cache memory available there. Later try opening Kodi and check if Kodi black screen issue is resolved.

Step 2: Fixing the Kodi software level issues

Since Kodi being a streaming addon, this error is most common. The memory dump is used to refer over-usage of memory. It also refers that the memory is dumped with unwanted files. This is mainly due to the “cache overflow”. Its mandatory to clear kodi cache in a regular time interval. If you don’t do so, residue files will fill up the cache and leads to Kodi no streaming error.

FIX: Clearing cache is the only available fix for this error. There are a lot of ways to clear cache. And the easiest way is to use program addons to clear cache. Program addons help the user to perform the pre-defined task in an efficient way. It will have most of the required script. You can run any script in a single click through the UI. Some of the best program addons are Indigo, Ares Wizard and a lot more.

Irrespective of the two methods listed above, if the issue still persists then do check the last alternate method given below.

Update Kodi to the latest version

The developers of Kodi are working hard day and night in providing the best experience for their users. So they released updates now and then with the minor bug fixes. So we suggest you have your Kodi updated to the latest version. You can download the latest available version of Kodi from the official site.

Lower your device refresh rate to 60Hz

If you have an Android smartphone, then the problem may be caused by its high refresh rate. Navigate to the Mobile Settings. Head to Display section and set its refresh rate to 60 Hz. Now, try opening your Kodi again.

Delete the Corrupted addons file

If you have upgraded your Kodi to a newer version, then it may be the cause for the black screen issue. That is, sometimes in the upgrade process the addons.DB file might not be upgraded properly. In such a case, you can solve the issue simply by deleting the file from your database folder. Just follow the steps to delete them.

  • Open the File Manager or File Explorer on your device.
  • Find the Userdata Folder and open it.
  • Then, delete the file which is dubbed as addon.db.
  • Now, open your Kodi.

Hardware Acceleration

Some Kodi users get the black screen only while playing video on Kodi. But still, you can access the Kodi settings. Just “allow the hardware acceleration” in the Media Codec on your Kodi settings.


These are the ways to fix Kodi Black Screen error. Many of our readers have said that this works. If you are still getting the black screen on Kodi, then leave a comment below. We will try the best possible ways to fix it!

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