List of Kodi not working errors and the best ways to fix them

There may be a dozen of reasons why your Kodi not working on your device. To identify the exact cause of these Kodi errors, we first have to understand what is Kodi and how it works? Kodi is a media streaming software, which can play any piece of media file given to it. The method of adding a file to Kodi may differ. You can add files from your localhost, home network or an external video file link. It’s quite time-consuming to search for the streaming links and add them to Kodi. This is where the Kodi add-ons come into the picture. These Kodi add-ons help to fetch the external links and stream the content. These Kodi add-ons don’t actually host any of the content. They are just a tool to scrap and fetch the streaming links. This is a general overview of the functionality of Kodi.

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So if Kodi not working on your device, then it need not be due to the bug in the software. There are many other reasons for Kodi not working. As a result, you would have come across different Kodi error messages via notifications or pop up. So here in this post, we will cover a complete list of Kodi errors and the best ways to fix it. Initially, we will be discussing the common fixes and later we can diagnose each Kodi error in detail.

List of Kodi not working errors and fix

1. Check your internet connection

This is a prime step in the diagnosis process. Check the internet connectivity on your router. Try accessing the internet from your Kodi. Or you can also use a browser to check the internet connectivity.

One common question we always get through comments is “What should be the typical internet speed?” Well, the answer is so simple. If you need to stream content in HD or 4k quality then obviously it requires high speed. High speed in the sense a minimum of 20 Mbps would do for continuous streaming of videos on HD or 4k quality. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with less resolution then a minimum of 2 Mbps would do. After making sure you have a proper internet connection, we can proceed to next step.

2. Update the addon to the latest version

This might sound simple, but this can be a cause of most of the common Kodi errors. And you can simply update your addons with a single click, to rectify all your errors. To update your addon, Right click on your addon > information > update. Make sure auto-update is enabled. If your add-ons are not updated, it will miss some of the important instructions files. In some cases, this files may have the fix for previous bugs. So it’s recommended to keep your addons updated.

3. Keep your Kodi updated

Just like the addons, it is recommended to have your Kodi software updated to the latest version. Currently, most of the people are using Kodi 17.6 which is a solid version. Few of them have even updated to the Kodi 18 beta version.

Download the latest available version of Kodi here

We highly recommend you to update Kodi because most of the developers will develop their addons which support the latest version. And they will update it for the future version. If you can’t update your Kodi, you can also try out some of the best Kodi builds in the market.

4. Failed to install a dependency Kodi error fix

These errors occur due to the dependencies which run in the background of streaming. Moreover, they are ones that actually streams the video. If your dependencies are outdated, they can’t fetch the optimum links. This will affect the streaming process. There are lots of dependencies scripts… The most important ones are URL Resolver, Meta Handler, NaN Scrapers, etc. At least try to update these dependency scripts. To update dependency files, go to Settings > System settings > Add-ons tab > Manage dependencies > Select any dependency script > update. Make sure to enable Auto Update. Having outdated dependencies may throw an error called “Failed to install a dependency“. We have prepared a detailed step by step process to fix Failed to install a dependency Kodi error.

How to fix failed to install a dependency error?

5. Unable to connect – Couldn’t retrieve directory information Kodi error

You could have faced this error while adding a source to the file manager. The basic reason for Unable to connect Kodi error is, the server that hosts the repository could be down. The other reason is, if you enter an invalid URL of the source then it will pop up such Kodi errors.

kodi not working

You have to manually check whether the repo is down or not. Go to the repo URL in your browser and check if the index of the repo is available. If you receive “page not found” error then the repo is down, you have to try after some time. Or you can use an alternate repository. A single addon file may be hosted in multiple repositories too.

6. Could not connect to the repository Kodi error fix

This error occurs due to the improper link between your Kodi and the repository servers. Since the error is at the server level, as an end user we can’t do much to solve this error. Check whether the main source is down. If the main source is down, you have to find an alternate repo. Most of the addons will be hosted in the popular repo or in the personal repo (may be in the name of the developer). The most popular Kodi repositories are Superrepo, Kodil repo, and N&N repo. Or you can uninstall the addon, and install directly from the zip file. You can download the zip file in GitHub. To know more about how to fix this issue check out the following post…

Could not connect to repository Kodi error fix guide with 5 steps

7. Check the log for more information Kodi error fix

check the log for more information kodi error

If there is a problem with your Kodi or add-ons, they might be resolved by the previous step. If you are still reading this article, then I assume that your problem is not yet resolved. So you have to find where the particular problem exists. You can find the exact error in log file. The log file is something which keeps track of Kodi working on your system. To access log file, you need Log Viewer for Kodi. Now on the right pane, it will show the exact error. We had provided a detailed solution to fix “Check the log for more information”. Check that out to know more details.

Fix check the log for information Kodi Error with 3 easy methods

8. Try uninstalling the build

Builds are really great. They are the only way to customize your Kodi. But the major issue is, builds are developed as a hobby. And most of the builds don’t have proper updates. So sometimes a user may be left back. Since it’s not official, there is no guaranty. Tons of third party builds are available, you have to update the build. Or try a newly released build. This might fix the issue. It just uninstalls the build, and use basic Kodi.

9. Remove unused add-ons

uninstall kodi add-ons

Sometimes unused addons consume a lot of memory. This might slow down your Kodi. And it will also cause Kodi buffering error. So to keep Kodi with an optimal performance, you may have to delete all the unused add-ons. You can also configure advanced settings.xml file to maximize your Kodi performance. And this is one of the solutions for the frequent shutdown of Kodi.

10. Kodi Buffering

kodi not working issues buffering

I know how it feels when the video keeps loading, loading and loading… This is what we call buffering. Right from youtube to Kodi most of the video streaming tools are facing this issue. Kodi buffering can be fixed by making some tweaks to the system settings. To know more about reducing the Kodi buffering read this post…

How to fix Kodi Buffering and stream seamlessly?

11. Other common Kodi not working errors

Other than the errors discussed so far, there are few more annoying errors like no sound error, black screen error and playback failed error. These are very rare errors. We have provided detailed information about what is the cause of these errors and to fix them…

How to fix No sound on Kodi Error?

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12. Factory reset Kodi

We had seen all the method to diagnose and solve the Kodi not working issues. If these methods don’t work, then you have to buy a set of knives (набор ножей купить) factory reset your Kodi. That’s the final way. Some problems are beyond our diagnosis. Those problems could be solved by doing a factory reset. We need the help of maintenance add-on for factory resetting Kodi. I prefer indigo for this purpose. Install and open Indigo addon, then select “factory restore”. This will erase all the user data. And your Kodi will be new.

There are numerous reasons for Kodi not working errors. These are the steps to diagnose and solve the Kodi errors. The methods described are not the particular method for any error. This is a generalized method to solve any issue. If you still having the same issue, you might go for the specified solution. Hope this article is informative. We wish you an error-free streaming. Do comment down below if you are still facing any Kodi errors. We are ready to help you out.