No sound on Kodi? Let’s fix all the sound issues with 4 simple steps

By | April 4, 2018

You would have come across different Kodi error messages while streaming. But there are some cases, where we used to face some weird issues. One such issue is “no sound on Kodi”. We can watch the video streaming well, but we can’t hear the audio. You may think that it is due to the fault with hardware. But it need not be the case. Even if your software settings are changed or your audio drivers don’t work properly you will come across such errors. So in this article, we will cover all the possible ways to fix the no sound on Kodi error. Also, we can ensure that your issue will get solved before you leave our website 😉

How to fix no sound on Kodi error?

1. Cross check with other software/ app

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to test your audio with other software or apps. Because there are cases where the audio won’t play while using other app or software. If the audio plays well with other software or app you can proceed to the next step.

2. Updating Kodi to the Latest Version

One of the major reason for most of such errors is using the old version of Kodi. So the first step for the fix is to make sure you are using the latest version of Kodi. Update your Kodi software and then update the add-ons as well. If you are having lots of add-ons, you can use GitHub force updater to do the task. If you can’t update your Kodi, try updating the builds. This is a preliminary step. There are various other reasons too! We will cover other possible ways to fix no sound on Kodi error in the upcoming steps.

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3. Configure with proper Settings

Sometimes, you might have changed the settings unknowingly. Just play any movie, right click on it and select “Audio and subtitles settings”. Enable “Allow Passthrough”. Doing this may bring back audio. If not, try a factory reset of Kodi. Most probably this will resolve any software level issue. You can also check the log for precise information about his error. Update sound drivers if you are using Kodi on your PC/Laptop.


There are other possible issues, like the speaker problem, cable issue. In case of hardware issue, you have to manually check the device like changing cable. So try changing cable. This will surely fix the no sound on Kodi issue.

If you have any other issue, do mention that in the comment. We would be glad to solve your issue.

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