How to Fix No stream available Kodi error with 3 simple working method

By | April 16, 2018

No stream available Kodi error is one of the most frequent and common error. You may come across this error at least once a day. The reason and fix for this error are pretty simple. So every user must know these simple error fixes. You can the guess the cause for this error from the name itself. This can be interpreted as the selected stream is not available. There are many reasons for no stream available Kodi error. Let us see each and every reason for this error and its possible fixes.

Why No stream available Kodi error occurs?

There are a lot of reason for no stream available Kodi error. The most predominant reason is ISP throttling. Another major reason is, your Kodi, repo, or addons must be outdated. And it may be due to improper functioning of URL Resolver. If these methods are not helping, you can try clearing cache.

ISP Throttling

Since most of the Kodi user surf pirated contents on Kodi, your Internet Service Provider may restrict your connection. Because the internet is filled with pirated contents and you can stop the user from accessing it. So your government or your ISP (on behalf of the government) keeping a check at the source to stop piracy. So this may restrict your internet access.

🕵🕵 Warning! You are being monitored! 🕵🕵 Are you streaming unlicensed content on Kodi? You are taking the risk! Streaming movies, TV shows, Sports and other media using unofficial third-party Kodi add-ons are illegal. Your ISP is watching your online streaming activities! The ISP can report you anytime to the Government. So prevention is better than cure! In order to prevent yourself being monitored, we recommend you to use the ExpressVPN. Using VPN will keep your online activities anonymous and also allows you to stream geo-restricted content.

Check whether you can access the content from another network (must be different ISP). You can try this by using your mobile hotspot. If you can access then the problem is because of your ISP. Now to fix this issue permanently, you must stay anonymous from your government and ISP. A VPN (Virtual private network) may help you to do that. A VPN will encrypt your connection, and protect you from your ISP and government. With VPN like IPVanish, you can change your IP address and get access to geo-restricted add-ons.

Updating Kodi, repository, and add-ons

If your Kodi software, repository or add-ons are outdated some of the important script files and dependencies may be missing, this will leads to no stream available Kodi error. You can always check and update to latest version of Kodi from Kodi official website. If you cant update your Kodi, you may try latest builds.

If you have installed your addon from a new or not well-known repository, there is a possibility of improper installation. So just uninstall the addon. And try installing from the well-acknowledged repository. Some of the most famous repositories are super repo, kodil repo, tvaddons repo, and a lot more. And also make sure to update the repository and add-ons.

Note: You can use indigo Kodi addon, to force update all the add-ons in a single click. Its available in TV addons/Fusion repository. 

Indigo Kodi addon installation guide

URL Resolver update

In most of the cases, URL resolver will update automatically. Recently, TV Add-ons accepted the responsibility of further developing URL Resolver. So if you had installed URL Resolver from any other repository, there is a possibility that you might have missed the update.

Just install any new add-ons from the TV Add-ons/ Fusion repository (preferably Indigo Kodi addon). Then your URL resolver will be updated automatically. Since its one of the most important dependency, before installing any addon URL resolver will be updated.

URL resolver complete guide

These steps will fix the no stream available error. If you are still facing the issue, you might try clearing cache. It might work. These are the steps to fix no stream available Kodi error. Hope this article is informative. If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to comment. We would e glad to fix your issue.

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