What is Kodi URL Resolver? How to install, use & update URL Resolver?

By | April 12, 2018

If you are in love with the Kodi, then “URL Resolver” is the only reason for it. It is the backbone of the Kodi. In simple terms, URL Resolver is a script used to fetch links from the external source and streams the content on Kodi. Almost all the popular Kodi video add-ons work on the basis of URL Resolver. This article is intended to provide you with an overall picture of URL Resolver and it’s functions. As we already knew, Kodi is a media streaming software. It is just a player, which can stream media from any location like, local, network and external servers. Without URL Resolver, Kodi is just a media player which plays files on the shared network and localhost.

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What is URL Resolver?

URL Resolver is the best Kodi addon. These supporting add-ons are called as dependency addon. All the other media add-ons are depending on URL Resolver for scraping and streaming the link. And you might have noticed that there is a list of providers every addon use to play the media. Generally, these contents are hosted on a remote server and its locations are unknown. There are lots of providers to provide streaming services.

While streaming a movie or TV show via Kodi, you need to locate the remote server to fetch the contents. This task is done by URL Resolver. The method of fetching streaming links may vary depending on the providers. So all these methods are scripted into URL Resolver. So each and every addon use this addon, to fetch the streaming link.

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How to install and update URL Resolver?

URL Resolver is developed by TV add-ons and available in fusion repository. You need to keep your URL Resolver up to date. And being a dependency addon, it will auto update. Most probably this addon will be installed alongside with other media add-ons. Anyway, let’s see the steps to install and update URL Resolver.

  1. First, download the URL Resolver ZIP File on your device.
  2. Then open Kodi, Go to add-ons -> install from zip file.
  3. Browse to the location of the zip file. And select the file.
  4. In few seconds URL Resolver will be installed.
  5. Go to settings -> system settings.
  6. Change the mode to “Expert”, choose add-ons from the left pane and select manage dependencies.
  7. Select URL Resolver > Update.

Keep your URL resolver updated, to get the latest link. And make sure that “Auto-update” option is turned on. Updating URL Resolver will also help you to bypass captcha verification. And it will provide only streaming links. Though there are some providers, URL Resolver cant bypass. Openload, Video.me are some of those providers. They provide a paid subscription to their user. You can configure URL resolver to ignore these providers.

But we highly recommend you to authorize your IP address to bypass this verification, instead of ignoring these providers. Openload is one of the premium providers, they also provide 4 hours/day free streaming for each and every users. To know more about stream authorization fix refer this article. That’s all about URL Resolver dependency Kodi addon. We hope that the tutorial is clear and informative. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback. If you still face any other issue, do let us know. We would be glad to help you.

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