How to Fix Web Request failed Kodi error with these 2 easy ways

By | April 16, 2018

How it feels when we sit on a weekend to watch latest movies or TV shows on Kodi, and it suddenly pops up an error stating that “Web request failed”? It will be annoying to the core right? Hell, yeah! In this article, we will share some of the easy methods to fix web request failed Kodi error. And for additional information, we are also providing reasons behind Web request failed Kodi error.

What is Web request failed Kodi error?

Kodi is a simple media player, which streams contents from the various source across the internet. For instance, when we click on the movie, a request is sent to the server hosting the movie. This request asks for the streaming link to that certain movie. Then the server will validate this request, and check whether its human. For this purpose, we have captcha verification while streaming movies. In case of Kodi, all the verification process are done by URL resolver. And after verification its human, the streaming link is provided by the server. Once a connection is established between Kodi and the streaming server, it can play the contents.

These are the steps happening behind your single click. It takes only a few seconds for the request to be processed. While making a request if the server does not return any data, then it will throw the error as “Web request failed”.  If your Kodi can’t obtain the streaming link after few seconds, it will throw the error as “Connection timed out”.

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Reasons for “Web request failed Kodi error”

There are two major reasons behind this Web request failed Kodi error.

  • Geo-restricted content: The servers which host the files might restrict the access to particular countries. This is what we call Geo-restricted content. They do it because the streaming is strictly prohibited in some countries. Also due to heavy load on the server, they restrict the access.
    You can come across this error quite often while trying to stream Live TV channels or PPV Events. Say, for example, the UK TV Channels could be restricted to UK IP only. So you can’t watch UK channels by browsing from a US IP address. As a result, it will display Web Request Failed error. So if you want to get rid of it, try changing the IP address. To change your IP, a reliable VPN service like IPVanish is required.
  •  Web Traffic: The content which you’re trying to watch is being accessed by many other people, bots, software etc. If the traffic is higher than the threshold of the server, it can’t handle it. So it will throw web request failed error. And to limit this traffic to humans only, providers are using captcha verifications. This may be also due to some other issues like protocol error, connectivity issue. We will be providing all the possible fix to this error.

Fix for “Web request failed Kodi error”

If the problem is due to the traffic, as an end user you can’t do anything. Just wait and try after some time. If not, try accessing it from a different IP using IPVanish. Also, check for the internet connectivity on your router or any other networking devices. After making sure that you have proper internet connectivity, you can proceed to next step.

Sometimes, we will receive web request failed error if Real Time Messaging Protocol(RTMP) is disabled. So you have to enable this protocol. This protocol act as an input protocol. To enable RTMP, follow the steps below.

  1. On your Kodi home screen select Add-ons > My addons.
  2. Now search and select Video Player Input Stream.
  3. Select RTMP Input > Enable.
  4. Restart your Kodi.

This will fix your issue for sure. These are the simplest methods available to fix the web request failed Kodi error. Hope this article is informative. Also, do let us know if you face any other issue. We will do our best to solve your issue.

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