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By | March 27, 2021


  1. My Jackpot Casino selection convinces
  2. My Jackpot Casino customer service is bubbling round the clock
  3. My Jackpot Casino money transfers in familiar hands
  4. My Jackpot Casino is the right address for many players
  5. My Jackpot Casino is a real hit on the market

The first half of this year is drawing to a close, but there is no end in sight to the influx of fresh game sites. We’re in the privileged position of being able to witness week after week of releases that are full of fire. This time around, both traditional slot machines and My Jackpot Casino, a sportsbook that only recently saw its first rays of light, have hit the market. The name itself strongly evokes the Greek mythological god who ruled the seas, storms and horses. A tough guy, and the word My Jackpot is directly from the Catalan language, meaning this mythical deity. So it’s a marine environment, so a snorkel and a wetsuit won’t be a bad thing. This newcomer is operated by a company called Estollo Limited, part of a larger organisation whose releases we have enjoyed in the past. This list of previous entities includes Sportaza and AmunRa. After a careful search on the web search engine, we couldn’t find another gaming centre that this particular company was responsible for. So we’re off on our maiden voyage to check out what kind of site it is. Welcome to join us.

My Jackpot Casino selection convinces

Now that we’ve dug out the tape measures and started taking both latitude and longitude measurements, it’s time to explore the My Jackpot Casino product range. The initial overview shows that there is a good selection of games to choose from. Of course, this means that the range includes a lot of different categories for slot machines, with the addition of betting items. For now, let’s focus on what’s been eating up the gaming arena at My Jackpot casino and leave the sports betting for others to chew on. Indeed, there is plenty to explore in the section that interests us, with over 3,000 machines in total, which is a commendable number. There are over twenty studios from which the games originate, and these producers are all of the highest calibre. So My Jackpot has, with its own little hands, assembled, at least on the surface, a beautiful pile of spinning machines and live games, so our reel meter did nothing in the end. Let’s get into our wetsuit and oxygen equipment next, as we dive towards the seabed and go through the most common categories.

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My Jackpot Casino customer service is bubbling round the clock

In addition to the functionality of the offerings and service, an important part of a good gaming site is quality customer service, which My Jackpot Casino also has. Round-the-clock support is a big part of the players’ experience at the site, so it should not be overlooked. As has been said so many times before, it’s a good idea to keep the lines open all night long. Live chat is available at My Jackpot Casino at all hours of the day and night to provide feedback and address any problems encountered. This team is therefore at the screens entirely for the players and are ready to help as much as possible.

A wide selection of slots at online casinos My Jackpot

The professionalism and joy of helping shines through from the customer service team, so things are sure to get resolved efficiently. The alternative channel is then email, with an estimated time to get a response of around 45 minutes. That’s a very optimistic timeframe, but if it’s met or even beaten, it’s a parrot-worthy achievement for My Jackpot. Indeed, being proactive is never a bad thing, which is why online operators list frequently asked questions as a first line of help. These FAQs are a very good way for self-help users to solve simple problems and find answers to the questions that come to mind.

My Jackpot Casino money transfers in familiar hands

Indeed, there are two different ways to create an account and a choice of ways to make deposits and withdrawals. The player is therefore holding a good hand and the choice is entirely down to personal preference. If you choose to authenticate to My Jackpot via online banking, then the money is transferred via the Swedish-based Trustly. This service has proven its professionalism over the years and is, quite rightly, one of the most popular payment intermediaries in the gaming industry. Through it, transfers in one direction or another can be made instantly. The other methods offered by My Jackpot Casino are certainly familiar to most people, as the most common card companies are among them. You can also choose from a wide range of online wallets or mobile payment services. We sincerely believe that from this list, everyone who wants to play will be able to choose the payment service that best suits their needs.

My Jackpot Casino is the right address for many players

A destination that features both slot machines and betting is sure to be the answer to many a gambler’s evening prayers. With the most functional features and products from both sides on offer, it’s not a one-size-fits-all affair. My Jackpot Casino is so effortless to use that even if you’re new to the games, you’ll certainly know how to navigate and work around it. So you don’t have to be a meritocratic maestro to feel at home at a newcomer’s address. And of course, don’t forget those players who have been in the industry for a while, as there’s certainly something to be gained from this seabed. The wide range of games on offer ensures the kind of fun you want from a gaming centre like this.

My Jackpot Casino is a real hit on the market

Our eyes have reached the end of the road and we have been introduced to a fully fledged work of art that has risen to compete for a place in the sun. My Jackpot Casino is truly a strong demonstration of what a professional and knowledgeable team can achieve when given the time and resources. The environment itself is pleasing to the eye and even a longer look at it doesn’t provoke the opposite reaction. Add to that a clearly constructed structure that makes it very easy to use and you have something wonderful. There’s nothing bad to say about the game selection and I have to say I was a little surprised at how extensive it ended up being. After all, often when you combine bets and machines, the reels are usually pruned with a fair hand. However, this was not the case here and this was a real biceps display from My Jackpot to the competition. If I had to sum up this full-blown outpouring in one sentence, I would say that the focus of the games is on the all-round quality of the all-rounder. The common saying goes that he who rushes at the beginning, gets tired at the end. Let us hope that this is not the truth for the actor with the name of a Greek god, but that we will see the seascape in full force later on.

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